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"Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear." -George Addair
Food For Thought
Grit + Imagination = Success

Netflix, Spotify, Google, Nike… What do these companies have in common?

They weren’t overnight successes.

Netflix - It took 10 years for Reed Hastings’s vision of streaming video over the Internet to become a reality.

Spotify - For two and a half years straight, Daniel Ek faced constant rejection.

Google - It took 6 years for the company to IPO - something that was unheard of at that time.

Nike - Phil Knight operated a turbulent shoe business for 12 years before Nike was born.

If you take a look at the history of any successful business, you will find years of hard work and a long list of ‘failures’.

So how did these (or any company) survive? Because of two key factors: Grit and Imagination. 🌈

If you have the grit to keep going and the imagination to forge a new path, you will find success.

1) Grit
What’s on the surface now is the result of what happened years ago. Understanding this truth is at the core of "having grit".

You don’t know when the work you are putting in today will pay off - it might be years or even decades from now. But you know it will pay off someday.

The patience to power through in the short-term is what builds companies, habits, and relationships that last.

If you believe in what you are working toward, and you know it’s the future, then keep going. Don’t let anyone stop you - not even yourself.

2) Imagination 🌈
Another thing all these companies had in common? They were building products and technology for a market that didn’t yet exist.

In 1997, no consumer thought that in a decade they’d be streaming movies from their home. But Reed Hastings knew they would. No one thought they’d need or want the ability to search the entire Internet, but Google made it possible. Now we couldn’t live without either of these two services. (Heck, I even use Google to search for Netflix shows 😂.)

The companies that last don’t just hop on a trending fad - they build the future.

Bonus: A Team
We’ve all seen those startups that act more like a family than a business. They might bicker or disagree, but there’s always an unwavering commitment to one another and to the project.

History is important. Having a shared history draws a team, coworkers, friends, and family together in a way that nothing else can.

You can still succeed as a solopreneur - in fact, many issues in life and business are good to tackle alone. But, when it comes to building a business, there’s a lot to be said for having a group of people that you trust - people that you’ve known and worked with for years.

But how do you find people like this?

There are many ways to form lasting, meaningful relationships in your personal life and in business, but vulnerability and curiosity will get you there faster. Listen to: How to Find the Others.

The Formula for Success

The most potent formula for success is: grit + imagination. If you have that, if your coworkers have that, if your company has that, then it’s not a matter of if you will succeed - it’s a matter of when.

Need a mini motivation boost? Check out this story of a team that failed 51 times before successfully building a video game that you’ve definitely played:

The 52nd Attempt - This is the story... of a team who really didn’t understand the notion of quitting. Every failure brought them one step closer to success.

For an analysis of this story, and to hear our take on how ‘failures’ can push you to build a business that lasts, listen to Mission Daily ⤵️ ⤵️

Mission Daily
What It Takes To Build A Generational Business

If a venture is really worth pursuing, it’s going to take multiple attempts. Chad and Stephanie sit down to discuss the story of two entrepreneurial ventures, and why it may take you 50 tries to get something right. They also talk about what it takes (after you’ve gone through all those failures) to build a generational business.

Deep Dive
An Overnight Success

"No one, not my teachers, not my peers, not even my own family members saw what I saw. My vision was my vision, and that’s the thing about going your own way—no one can see what you see, and that’s the point. The hardest part about walking your path is to remember that people don’t doubt you because they don’t believe in you. They just simply aren’t in your head. They can’t see what you see, and you have to be ok with that."
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The 52nd Attempt

...They decided to give it a month—then they would know if they’d created a hit.

The first-week results were dismal.

The second-week results were no better.

The third-week results? Disappointing.

One more week, and then they would call it—keep going or… give up.

They checked the results. And their hearts sank.

After so many attempts to make a great game, they found themselves in a polar night that would test their souls...

Read More.

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On January 15, 1967, in the mild heat of Southern California, the opening whistle blew and kicked off what would be known as the very first Super Bowl. 🏈 🏈
Learn the history behind the Super Bowl (and how the event got its name) 👉 Chasing Your Legacy
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